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We will deliver you large and heavy cargo from all around the world!
Oversize is an indivisible cargo, weight and dimensions of which exceed the size of standard transport package (containers) and transport facilities.
For outsized cargo delivery special technique is used.

For marine transportation: FR containers, ОТ containers, MAFI and others.
For road transportation: special trailers, lowboys, trawls, spreaders, etc.
For railroad transportation: open cars, platforms, transporters.

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We will arrange marine transportation all over the world. We offer:
Marine container transportation, with full container load (FCL).
Consolidated cargo in container, with less container load (LCL)
Multimodal transportation (SEA-WAREHOUSE-CAR etc.).
RO-RO transportation of cars, trailers, tractor trucks, other vehicles.
Break Bulk transportation of oversize cargos on ship

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We perform transportation of small cargos of various customers
in one direction and on one mode of transport. We deliver partial (starting with 1 pallet) and consolidated cargos, by sea, road and other modes of transport.

Savings are achieved through the efficient use of cargo space and consolidation in customs warehouses in China, Germany, and Estonia.

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Procedure of customs clearance of cargo is often more important than its transportation. In order to make customs clearance flawless, from the point of view of costs and time, it is necessary to collect and provide all the necessary documents properly and within a specified time.

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