Overweight Cargo Delivery from China

Oversize – is an indivisible cargo, weight and dimensions of which exceed the internal size of standard transport facilities.
Cargos longer than 13m or wider 2.5m, or higher than 2.7m and/or heavier than 25t – are usually oversized.

Delivery of bulky cargos from Chinais becoming more and more popular lately. This is easily explained, because the large specialized machinery, such as a road, construction or agricultural equipment, industrial machinery, etc. cost much cheaper in China.

Roadbuilding, construction and agricultural equipment, industrial machinery, etc. are much cheaper in China. That is why the interest in overweight shipment from China is now rising quickly.

At HCL Express, we offer project cargo delivery from China to Russian Federation and CIS countries.

Heavy load delivery is a very complex task.

  1. Overweight cargo’s characteristics, such as length, width, height and weight do not allow carrying the goods in a container or by a standard mode of transport.
  2. In most cases, the transportation is carried out with help of special trailers and trucks with more wheels. In these cases the load has to be properly packed and secured, also the axial load on the vehicle has to be calculated.
  3. In case the cargo is movable, the process of loading and unloading becomes much easier because with ramps usage self-propelled machinery is able to drive itself on the lowboy trailer.The HCL Express owns it’s own fleet of special transportequipment, which significantly reduces the cost of transportation.
  4. If the size of your load allows to ship it in a container, we offer full container load(FCL) and less than container load (LCL)(in LCL case we arrangemixed consignment).
  5. The HCL Express also offers oversized cargo shipment from China by rail. We use platforms of various modifications.

The overweight cargo shippingwill be entirely organized by our team.

  • We research and develop the best route.
  • We offer the most suitable mean of transport or a combination of them.
  • Professionals will do all additional work: packaging, securing, loading and unloading.

Additional services:

  • Custom clearance
  • All risks insurance

HCL Express offers:

  1. Variable prices
  2. Highly qualified staff
  3. Flawless reputation

We know for sure what worries you during shipping,
But with HCL Express there is nothing to worry about.


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