Project cargo transportation to Russia and the CIS countries!
Project transportation is a complex of transport and logistics services, which allows you to deliver a large object (factory, large equipment, production line, a big batch of goods or an especially large object).

Having great experience in the organization of project transportation of varying complexity, the transport company HCL Express organizes the whole process of transportation, from planning a route to delivery of cargo to its final destination!
Project shipping consist of complex components
Transportation requirements
Costs budgeting
Lifting and lashing scheme development
Shipping schedules
Transportation of project cargo
We consult clients at the initial stage in order to make delivery safer and more efficient!
Eha Lohmus Sales
Project manager
Machining centers and production tools
Metal constructions
Agricultural machinery
Industrial equipment
Modular homes and panels
Exhibition stands
And much more!

Project shipments which include oversized cargoes imply the solution of such tasks as

  • Search for a optimal vehicle
  • Lifting and lashing out of gauge goods
  • Route research
  • Obstacles dismantling
  • Disconnection of electrical wires along the way
  • Shipment of large quantities of goods at the same time
  • Delivery to dangerous regions and non-standard routes
  • Delivery of high-value goods, luxury goods