Overweight Cargo delivery from England

HCL Expresscompany operates in the whole of Europe, CIS countries, including England.
Our company offers project cargo shipping on turnkey terms. We will solve any problem for our clients.

Our services:

  1. We deliver overweight cargo at any distance and by any means of transport: road, sea, railway / air.
  2. We offer multimodal transportation by several modes of transport.
  3. We customize individual transportation solutions and take into account all the technical requirements (cargo size, load securing, etc.).
  4. We offer the best solutions for overweight cargo shipping, by taking into account safety, distance,forwarding, equipment usage, transit time.
  5. Our company takes care of all paper work: permits, agreements and supporting documentation obtainment.
  6. We deal with custom clearance for you.
  7. We cover all risks, which are possible with project cargo haulage from England.
  8. We organize all the necessary additional services (loading and unloading, forwarding, warehousing, securing of cargo etc.)


Our Advantages:

  • Due to our corporate fleetof transport equipment,weoffer deals on the most favorable terms.
  • HCL Express has been in business for more than 20 years and has a flawless reputation as a reliable business partner.
  • We strive to provide truly high-quality services.
  • HCL Express is a member of the International Transportation Association «ERAA».
  • We undertake the most complex projects. You set s task – we find a solution.

HCL Express works all over the world.

We also deliver overweight load from England to Russian Federation and CIS countries.

We know for sure what worries you during shipping,

But with HCL Express there is nothing to worry about!


+7 (812) 425 15 28; +(372) 566 69 625, E-mail: rus@hclex.com Skype: Vtl.hcl

We will select the best delivery method!

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We do know the fright you experience, until the cargo is on the road.
But with HCL Express you have nothing to fear

Phone, e-mail, skype,online chat – contact us as you want it!

HCL Express is in touch 24/7.

Tel: +7 (499) 404 18 95; +(372) 566 69 625, E-mail: rus@hclex.com Skype: sonkych