Delivery of Outsized Cargo

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Geography of oversized cargo transportation

Sorry, this entry is only available in Русский.

Established in 1993 HCL Express provides international transportation of heavy oversized cargo. Transportation of such goods is a complex multi-step process involving transport policy expertise, development of technical solutions for delivery, and obtaining permits for transportation.

HCL Express offers a number of tangible benefits for its customers:

  • Reliability – We provide full insurance of goods during transportation and keep track of your cargo during transit and guarantee its safety.
  • Experienced and skilled staffwith considerable work experience.
  • Cost efficiency – Company has its car park along with a wide selection of the optimum rolling stock to reduce transportation costs.

HCL provides professional services for oversized cargo delivery::

  • Construction and road-building equipment;
  • Agricultural machinery;
  • Industrial equipment;
  • Yachts, boats, etc.

Heavy cargo delivery:

  • Technological equipment (machines, production lines, etc.).
  • Energy plant equipment and high-power transformers.
  • Autoclaves.
  • Cars, motorcycles, RVs & trailer, etc.
Oversized Machinery Transportation
  • Сельскохозяйственная техника:
    Комбайны, Тракторы, Культивароры,
    Сеялки, Косилки, Свеколоуборные машины
  • Строительная техника:
    Грейдер, Катки, Экскаваторы,
    Бульдозеры, Краны, Погрузчики
  • Различные машины:
    Буровые машины, Фрезы, Асфальтоукладчики,
    Грохоты, Краны, Вибромолоты
  • Лесозаготовительная техника:
    Форвардеры, Харвестеры, Скиддеры
  • Карьерная и портовая техника:
  • Дробилки, Ричстакеры, Пресс ножницы

Areas encompassed:

  1. From Europe to Russia and CIS countries, working closely with key European ports: Muuga, Paldiski (Estonia), Kotka, Hamina, Helsinki (Finland), Riga, Ventspils, Liepaja (Latvia), Klaipeda (Lithuania), Hamburg (Germany) etc.
  2. From the U.S.A to Europe, Russia and the CIS countries.
  3. From Asia to Europe, Russia and the CIS countries.

By availing our services you address numerous aspects and challenges to oversized cargo delivery:

  1. Optimal mode of road, sea, rail transport (or multimodal transport when necessary).
  2. Door-to-door delivery of freight.
  3. Guidance and advisory services.
  4. Full range of Customs Clearance Services.
  5. Over-sized and heavy cargo insurance program.
  6. Cargo escort, storage and handling services.

Responding to cargo delivery challenges in a comprehensive and consistent way, we effectively deal with highly complex tasks: new destinations and delivery points, specific requirements and conditions.

Your demand is our command!

We know how you feel when cargo is on the go.

But with HCL Express, you are worry- free.

Contact our Customer Experience Team via phone, email, Skype or chat for any questions, knowledgeable advice and a free quote.
HCL Express is available 24/7.

We make your life easy. Тел: +7 (812) 425 15 28; +(372) 566 69 625, E-mail: Skype: Vtl.hcl

We deliver cargoes of the companies:

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