Sea freight

Container transport

  • From Europe
  • From Asia
  • From America

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Container shipping – simple and reliable!

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Наша компания осуществляет международные морские контейнерные перевозки в Россию с 1992 года
Активно сотрудничаем с портами Гамбург, Роттердам, Таллинн, Котка, Рига, С.Петербург

Shipping from England

  • 6-8 days
  • from 500kg

Shipping from European Union

  • 6-8 days
  • from 500kg

Shipping from USA

  • 25-30 days
  • from 500kg

Shipping from China

  • 40-45 days
  • from 500kg

Weekly shipping

from the UK and Germany

ports: Tilbury, Harwich, Gamburg

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Container transportation

Oversize and heavy loads

Small parties cargo (from 1 pallet)

HCL Express предлагает полный комплекс услуг по международной логистике

Various types of loading

  • Full container load (FCL)
  • Less container load (LCL)
  • Oversize in special containers

Heavy containers

  • Road transportation of containers with cargo weight up to 26t + container
  • We use 6-axis vehicles

Cargo insurance

  • In case of trucking up to 600,000 Euros
  • Common insurances
  • Extra insurance

«Door to door» delivery

  • From shipper’s door to the customer’s door, including issuance and transportation docs

Route research

  • Custom place of loading or other features of transportation – we will find a solution

Extra services

  • Handling operations
  • Storing, fastening, packaging
    surveyor and fumigation


What is large and heavy weight cargos (LHWC) oversize?

Oversize is an indivisible cargo, weight and dimensions of which exceed the size of standard transport facilities. Simply said, it’s a cargo that cannot be loaded into the convenient truck.

How is the transportation of large cargo carried on by motor transport?

At the 1st stage, we select optimal transport facility for LHWC transportation. At the 2nd stage, we coordinate the route and obtain permissions in all countries to be passed. Depending on the cargo complexity, coordination of power lines (disconnection and lifting of cables), shutting-off crossing, dismantling road signs and other works are available. For wide cargos, it is necessary to arrange pilot cars, in some cases police escort is ordered.

How is the transportation of oversize carried out by sea?

There are several options of the marine transportation of LHWC: for high cargos open-top containers are used, for wide – flat-rack containers.
Self-moving oversized equipment is transported on RORO ships on MAFI-trailers (handling operations cost avoidance)
If oversize is too big and does not fit any of abovementioned options, it is loaded in the hatchway or on the deck.

What details are needed for price calculation?

Addresses for dispatch and delivery
Type of cargo (static, self-moving, properties and transport requirements)
Dimensions and weight

What is project transportation?

Project transportation requires an engineering approach and a certain lead-in time.
For such transportation is developed custom machinery and lift devices, bridges are reinforced and even new roads are laid.

Multimodal transportation?

Today, one mode of transport is rarely used, as a rule, they are combined.
For instance, we make active use of “car-sea-car” scheme in transportation from the West and North Europe – it’s an efficient, safe and reliable way!
Bulky cargo from America and Asia are delivered by sea. But to transport cargo to the harbor, motor vehicles are used.

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