Marine transportation

Доставка морских контейнеров
из Европы, Америки и Азии

We always have effective prices for container shipments from Southeast Asia and Europe. . SEE THE PRICES

HCL Express Company has a huge experience of international container transportation. The main flow of the supply comes from China, Great Britain, Korea and Japan, but our experts will arrange transportation from any country in the world.

The popularity of marine container transportation is easily explained:

  1. Cheapness. Transportation by sea is the cheapest form of international transportation today.
  2. The volume of cargo transported is almost unlimited. Neither the car, nor the airplane, nor even, sometimes, the railroad train can contain such amount of cargo, as the ship can.
  3. Reliability. Losing cargo is extremely difficult during maritime transportation, if not impossible.

Advantages of HCL Express:

  • Our company provides a full complex of services for international logistics.
  • Delivery of heavyweight and bulky cargos on turnkey basis.
  • Full cargo insurance , using both as common CMR and TIR insurances, and any other at customer’s will.
  • Our experience of international traffic dates back more than 20 years, and during that time we have earned the reputation of a reliable partner..
  • Professionals work at each stage of transportation. You can be sure that any service, whether it is telephone consultation or loading cargo on a ship, is provided by experienced experts .

What do we mean by full logistic service package?

  • Route working out.. Usually routes in maritime transportation are standard. But we enter upon any projects. So, if you are interested in a new direction, a custom point of loading or any other specifics of transportation – we will find a solution.
  • Optimal solutions for all aspects: safety, rules of handling, custom machinery used, etc. The same applies to the type of load: we offer both full container load (FCL), and less container load (LCL). In the latter case, the consolidated delivery is formed.
  • Delivery of project cargos.. .
  • Door to door” delivery.». Our company arranges delivery of large heavy cargos not only by sea, but also to/from the harbor and to the destination point.
  • Documenting.. We provide services on any matters of customs processing on the “turnkey” basis. We also make out all the accompanying documents.
  • Organization of associated services. International transportation consists of a set of processes – these are handling operations, cargo fastening, possible labeling or packing/repacking. With HCL Express, you book all services in one place.
  • Additional services. If you need, we can arrange fumigation and provide survey services.

Интересует покупка контейнера? Наша компания занимается также продажей новых и б/у морских контейнеров.

Основные направления:
  • контейнер из Англии (еженедельно)
  • порт Тильбури - Таллин
  • от 1000EUR
  • Заказать
  • контейнер из Китая (еженедельно)
  • China Main Ports - Таллин
  • от 1200USD
  • Заказать
  • перевозка контейнера (еженедельно)
  • Таллин - С.Петербург
  • от 900EUR
  • Заказать
  • перевозка контейнера (еженедельно)
  • Таллин - Москва
  • от 1400EUR
  • Заказать

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